Balize is part of a broader conservation effort

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Balize Private Estate is situated within the Sibaya Coastal Precinct, and thus part of a broader effort towards conservation. Developers are taking a long-term vision when it comes to developing land, and with that comes the need for greater efforts to conserve the natural environment. Homeowners and potential buyers also want to know how they can be part of the greater move towards ecologically-sensitive development and thus sustainability. Under the Sibaya Coast Precinct Conservation Trust, real and effective efforts are being made to ensure that the integrity of the natural heritage of the area is protected and preserved.

How will this be done?

Through targeted, thorough conservation activities the trust will endeavor to ensure that the most significant and important environmental resources are rehabilitated, maintained, protected and preserved. The Sibaya Coastal Precinct stretches over 1000 hectares and within its borders encompasses beach, rivers, hilltops and forest. One of the key promises of the Trust is that up to 60% of the area will remain intentionally undeveloped. Parts of the Precinct which are currently covered by sugarcane will also be rehabilitated.

Within the Sibaya Coastal Precinct is a unique coastal forest belt spanning over 308 hectares. This forest band is actually made up of a cluster of smaller dune forests and forms a very important part of the Precinct. Along with beaches, marine conservancies and wetlands, this coastal forest belt will be maintained, protected and preserved.

The coastal forest belt has always been protected and thus inaccessible to people. However, those living in the Sibaya Coastal Precinct, as well as its visitors will now have the unique experience of visiting this coastal forest- a first for the region.

How does this affect development within the precinct?

The Trust will be an important factor in ensuring that all development and commercial activity with the Sibaya Coastal Precinct happens in a manner which is environmentally-sensitive and sustainable.

Who are the custodians?

The Sibaya Coastal Precinct Conservation Trust is made up of a Board of Trustees. A total of six representatives, some from Tongaat Hullet and other industry experts will contribute their skill, experience and time towards the conservation efforts.

The Trust is self-sustaining and there is a levy which raises funds to ensure that the Trust has the means to fulfil its mandate.

A unique vision for longevity

The Sibaya Coastal Precinct Conservation Trust will ensure that it fulfils its promise in making the forest accessible to members of the public whilst ensuring this is done in a sustainable, and environmentally-sensitive way which is in line with the mandate. The Precinct will become an example of modern urban and environmental integration which exists peacefully in tandem with people.

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