Smart homes connect and captivate the KZN North Coast

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Balize Private Estate, KZN’s latest smart ready development, offers more than just luxury location and living for its residents. With fully functional home automation, these smart homes will ensure you’re feeling safe and relaxed at the touch of a button.

Home automation companies are leading the charge in high end, ultra-convenient technology. From basic audio installation in your home to sophisticated security systems, smart homes in South Africa are becoming uniquely established.

What exactly can residents of Balize expect from a smart ready home?

“Automating your home is about enhancing your lifestyle”, proclaims Klaus Wagner of Audio Excellence, one of the companies offering home automation to homeowners in Balize. An enhanced and simplified lifestyle comes with luxuries such as integrated security systems, centrally controlled lighting and audio, and wifi connectedness across all technology in your home. Smart ready homes give you control over the ambience of your home, the security of your family, and the ease of having all these features in one place.

Each homeowner will have the opportunity to discuss requirements and custom options for their home, meeting the needs of their lifestyle. With this comes access to energy efficiency throughout the home, adding more value to the property itself. Access equals ease, a ‘Welcome’ button at the front door switches on the house lights, whereas a ‘Party’ button can set the tone by switching on the pool light and music in the bar area. Get rid of all your remotes and control your television systems through an app on your phone or on one centralised remote.

What are the benefits of automating your home?


With integrated CCTV systems, keyless door locks and biometric access, the security options on a smart home are vast. Whether you’re home or not, view your CCTV footage or pre-set motion sensors in your home to switch on security lights. Security never looked better and you’ll be sleeping easy every night knowing your home and your family are safe.


Take control over your home from wherever you are in the world! Rob Arnot of Audio Architex shares how the automation of a home makes your life easier – “If you and your family are on holiday in the Drakensberg and forgot to switch the patio lights off, you can still have direct control through an app on your phone and at the touch of a button you can switch the lights off.” Simple, easy, convenient, this is what home automation is about.


Put your feet up after a long day in the Durban heat, in a temperature-controlled living space. Or, wake up to the sound of your favourite musician playing through the stereo as your blinds roll up. Each installation ensures that these smart ready homes make for ease of living and luxurious comfort. Unparalleled home automation in South Africa, Balize offers just that.

Smart homes in South Africa are on the rise. With the magnificent views and coastal lifestyle of Balize, home automation is the cherry on top of this luxury estate. Security, convenience and comfort, what more could you ask for!

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