What do buyers want?

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It is often believed that the size of a home, by pure square metres is what really sells a property. Yes, this is an important factor, however, the size of a home is also not always top of the list for buyers, especially within an estate like Balize where both freestanding homes and Cabanas have been snapped up.

Peter Cameron, Sales Director at Balize Private Estate explains, “We have learned that our buyers are not always automatically after a freestanding home, and we cannot assume that this home type is the most sought after per se. There has been an interest in our Cabanas as well, which have translated into sales. Balize Private Estate offers beautiful freestanding Villas as well as luxurious apartments and every home has a sea view- wherever you are in the estate you are not losing out in any way.”

With proximity to King Shaka International Airport, Umhlanga, Ballito and the beaches of the North Coast a big draw card, high value property sales in the Sibaya Coastal Precinct have continued, with the one of the most valuable properties, a freestanding luxury plot,  selling for as much as R80 million. However, the Sibaya Coastal Precinct has a wide range of properties available way above the R10 million mark.

“I think the buyer activity at Balize Private Estate, and the Sibaya Coastal Precinct at large is showing us that there is a great want for homes within a secure residential estate with its own facilities, and access to a wider variety of amenities such as those within Sibaya Coastal Precinct. The trade-off is no longer price versus home type. With convenience, security, strong projected property price growth in the node and buyer confidence, people are continuing to buy both apartments as well and freestanding homes.“ ends Pete Cameron.

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