Balize Private Estate Design Series: Lucas Uys of Uys & White Landscape Architects Part 1

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Lucas Uys

Part One

To bring a landscape to life takes vision, creativity and knowledge. Nowadays, the landscape and natural aesthetic of a residential estate becomes just as important as the buildings and structures. The external spaces of an estate, like Balize Private Estate, is what one sees first. It is this that welcomes you so creating the right impression is key, and the philosophy of the landscape design needs to work in tandem with the estate design.

It is not surprising that architects and landscape architects work closely together when conceptualizing a development. The hard structures and the landscape need to flow and work together to create a final package which is consummate and resolved but also functional, visceral and sustainable.

As a boutique residential development, the design of Balize Private Estate draws heavily on its location, the coastal climate, and bringing people together. As a distinctly coastal estate, Balize Private Estate seeks is focused on alfresco living: life on the beach, life around the estate pool and clubhouse, life in your own garden or own your large terrace. Balize Private Estate is flanked by a green corridor on most of its periphery, and this idea of coastal greenery and vegetation is translated in a more controlled and accessible ay inside the estate by Lucas Uys and his team. Lucas describes the landscape of Balize Private Estate as an extension of the coastal forest belt.

Lucas Uys is a man who needs no introduction- he has put his stamp on many developments throughout South Africa, and his name is synonymous with landscape design that is on the cutting-edge of cool. Inspired by the climate and the coastal forest belt which surrounds Balize Private Estate, Lucas and his team of landscape artists and architects are the minds behind the landscape aesthetic of Balize Private Estate.

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