Balize Private Estate Design Series: Lucas Uys of Uys & White Landscape Architects Part 2

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Part Two

At Balize Private Estate, the drive up from the road to Gatehouse is encased in an avenue of planted trees, with trees in the centre median as well, as Lucas describes it, the aim is to remove the sense of boundaries and hard lines and create softness instead. The median carries you gently through to the Gatehouse where you will find glassed canopies on both sides. These glass canopies, or rather, glazing acts as a weather barrier without shutting off the outside world completely. The transparency of the glazing allows the greenery to still be a strong feature of the Gatehouse experience.

As you drive through the estate, you will see green screens covering walls and leading you towards your ultimate destination. The entire street scape will be planted with trees as will the spaces between the garages, as Lucas said, “this adds softness to the hard structure of the estate.” Green walls will also screen parking garages and become the overarching street language and theme.

With a view to sustainability and greater efficiency, Balize Private Estate will feature an attenuation dam. The primary function of an attenuation dam is to collect surface water run-off and will also become an estate feature for catch-and-release fishing. As a natural waterbody, the attenuation pond will add another dimension to the pool area.

The resort-style pool forms the aesthetic anchor of the clubhouse area, and the coconut trees will add the hallmark beach and resort feel. Adding to this resort atmosphere, the pool itself features seating around its edges. The pool is both modern and relaxed with the inclusion of water boxes planted with semi-mangrove trees known as Hibiscus.

“The clubhouse area is a prime example of the interplay between landscape and structure working in harmony to create something that is visually-appealing, yet functional and with a distinct feel that is unique to the Balize Private Estate philosophy of alfresco living.” Lucas Uys

Looking beyond the clubhouse area, Balize Private Estate is a cabana-style, or terraced estate. The structures are set against the slope of the hill in order to maximise on the ocean views from the estate. Adding a green element to Cabanas and Penthouses, and translating the alfresco philosophy above-ground, the roof of each home will be planted with wind tolerant plants. “The idea here is to create an almost seamless green blanket, and to create the illusion of ground-floor living, wherever you may be.” says Lucas.

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