Balize, something for every family

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“Part of the appeal of Balize Private Estate is that it offers something for families at different life stages-  from young families with small children to retirees, all facets of the market have been considered in the design of the estate and facilities offered, however that’s not to imply we have overlooked anyone, much to the contrary. As a boutique estate, centred around an alfresco, coastal lifestyle Balize is also very much angled at families looking to scale-down in terms of home size but not lifestyle.” adds Butch James, Sales Director of Balize Private Estate.

Economically speaking, Balize Private Estate is placed within one of the country’s key ‘growth nodes’- the Sibaya Coastal Precinct has seen unprecedented growth over the last 12 months to virtually become the most sought-after node in the country. A total of R3.2 billion worth of sales have been transacted within the Precinct, and based on current growth, these figures are only set to rise further with the completion of key infrastructure and retail and commercial nodes. From an investment perspective, the Sibaya Coastal Precinct, and moreover Balize Private Estate, offers investors the potential for strong capital appreciation- the fact that Balize is a low-density boutique estate only adds to its appeal and forecasted value. Statistics show that sectional title price growth is stronger than other options within residential estates.

In the first quarter of 2018 alone, sectional title inflation was as high as 4% compared to the average freehold inflation which sat 0.4% below this.

“With an enhanced offering, Balize Private Estate brings a range of opportunities to the market from grand penthouses to lock-up-and-go Cabanas and freestanding homes. The multitude of choice will ultimately benefit the investor as the demand for sectional title homes in residential estates increases. It is this demand which will push home values up; and with the ongoing development within Sibaya Coastal Precinct, homes are looking to appreciate in value even further over the next decade.” ends Slatter.

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