Connecting Balize Private Estate to the Precinct

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The demand for secure life in a residential estate is ever-increasing. Families are always seeking security, safety and peace of mind, however, as more and more residential developments become available to the market, the choice of where to buy becomes greater.

The need to be within a short distance of much-needed amenities is compelling families and buyers to reconsider the value of positioning when buying a home within an estate. Many estates have developed in areas which could be considered ‘remote’ or ‘too far from the city’ with not much consideration for the urban planning and infrastructure development needed to make buying into an estate an attractive option.

South Africa is considered a pioneer of gated residential estates, and surprisingly, this trend is only now gaining traction in many first-world countries. South Africa can happily boast some of the finest super-estates of the last 2 decades and is considered a global trendsetter. One of the things we have on our side in this country, especially on KZN’s North Coast, is space. The vast undeveloped swathes of land that have sat empty for many years have now been sold off in varying sizes to emerge as fully-fledged residential estates. Along with the rise in the number of residential estates so too have we seen the rise of what one may call a city, but with some key differences.

Historically, cities were a thing which evolved organically over many decades, even over centuries. Today, cities are plotted, planned and resolved long before anything begins. Along KZN’s North Coast between Umhlanga and Umdloti sits the Sibaya Coastal Precinct- this precinct is a holistically-planned city for the future encompassing several elements to give residents everything they need on their doorstep. From schools to medical suites, retail outlets to restaurants, a sports complex and private university, the Sibaya Coastal Precinct is undeniably designed for families. This precinct is integrated, holistic and connected within. As a holistically-planned precinct, the developers were able to design the precinct to suit these needs. Within and throughout the precinct runs a main road, the Heleza Boulevard. This however, is not just a road, this is the spine of Sibaya Coastal Precinct which connects the many parts together.

Intelligent design has enabled the Heleza Boulevard to cater to vehicles and pedestrians alike. Currently under development, this road is being created where nothing existed before to provide access points in and out of the numerous nodes within the Sibaya Coastal Precinct, and to ultimately to connect Balize Private Estate to the rest of the Sibaya Coastal Precinct. Residents of Balize Private Estate will no longer be restricted to their cars as a means of transportation in and around the precinct. Accessibility means residents can walk, ride, drive or take the Sibaya Coastal Precinct shuttle to where they want to go.

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