Customise your home at Balize Private Estate

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Adding to the secure surrounds of the estate, its location and the views and facilities on offer, the developers of Balize have taken their offering a step further to include customisable options from home interior packages and smart-ready homes. Empty-nesters can now amp up their living space to create connected and integrated comfort and functionality with a touch of individuality. Looking long-term, the developers of Balize Private Estate are cognisant of the fact that although the estate may attract empty-nesters, it also needs to cater for families and the coming generation of grandchildren.

Another key trend in this market centres around the demand for homes in mixed-use developments. As part of the greater Sibaya Coastal Precinct, Balize Private Estate offers its investors the benefit of not only being within the Sibaya Coastal Precinct and with that comes quick and easy access to the amenities within. One of the most formidable features of the Sibaya Coastal Precinct is the retail piazza which will be within a few hundred metres, on foot, from Balize Private Estate.

With an enhanced focus on a better quality of life, buyers are opting to invest into mixed-use developments and gain from the lifestyle they can offer. Moreover, it seems the market is happy to trade some of the familiar elements of living in a freestanding home for the opportunity to work and play closer to home, and herein lies the appeal of living in a mixed-use development.

With increasing economic strain, home owners are being forced to find savvy ways to make the most of their assets. Property still remains the top asset class in South Africa, however more and more people are opting to buy into residential estates for reasons other than security and the convenience factor of this kind of lifestyle is not to be underestimated. Convenient estate living reflects the realisation that it is easier to share facilities and forego the issues of upkeep and one’s general home maintenance. Other benefits which cascade from this include lowered monthly utilities; while a central location means a shorter commute to work or school. All of these factors translate into more time and less expense.

A secondary trend emerges from convenience and is largely driven by the high utility costs faced in South Africa. The housing market is demanding more control over how their homes operate and with that, a need for greater efficiency. Smart-ready homes in estates like Balize, give the owner the power to command, monitor and adjust how their home runs, whether it be automated lighting, smart geysers or auto-adjust temperature control. Today all these elements of the home are connected and controlled through the touch of a button on a smart phone or tablet allowing owners to run their homes remotely.

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